How Can You Tell If Your Fridge Is Working Correctly?

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How Can You Tell If Your Fridge Is Working Correctly?

2 January 2019
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Refrigerators run all day and night for months at a time. This can put a tremendous amount of strain on the system. In addition to this, this also means that a fridge can be among the heaviest users of electricity in your household.

One major problem with refrigerators is that they may seem like they're working even when they're not. In other cases, the fridge may be working but at very low levels of efficiency. How can you be sure that your fridge is working as required?

Monitor the Temperature

One of the warning signs that your fridge isn't working as required is that it may not be getting to the set temperature. This could be causing your food to go off faster than usual. Try to monitor the temperature inside your fridge or your freezer and see if it really gets to the levels needed.

Another thing you should do is to monitor the temperature in different sections of your fridge. Some sections may not be getting the right amount of air flow, resulting in insufficient cooling of items stored there.

Listen for Funny Noises

Depending on how long you've used your fridge, you should be quite familiar with the kind of sound it produces when it's working at its best. The sound from a properly working fridge should be fairly consistent. If there is a sudden change in these sounds, this means that something has changed, and this can't be good for your fridge. If, for example, the sound is coming from your condenser fan, it could be because it's dirty and needs cleaning.

How Often Does the Compressor Turn On?

Depending on how you use your fridge, you should also be familiar with your compressor's cycles. The compressor usually shuts off once the fridge or freezer is at the right temperature and turns on when the temperature is below a certain threshold.

If the compressor is cycling on and off more often, this usually means that your fridge is losing the cold air much faster. An open door or a leaking gasket is often the issue. If the compressor stays running throughout, the problem could be worse.

How Often Does Food Go Bad?

If your food is also going bad more often than not, it could also be a sign that you need fridge repair. However, you should first eliminate other possible causes before blaming the fridge. For professional help, contact a company like Eco Appliance Service.